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Instructor and Trainer Yvonne Berkhout
Yvonne Berkhout

My name is Yvonne Berkhout and I am a Dressage trainer. I welcome students of any age and level of riding. Whether you are riding a different discipline and want to switch to dressage or you are looking for an instructor to get you more seriously into dressage; I will be happy to help you reach your goal. To show my commitment to being the best instructor that I can be, I took the American Riding Instructor Certification exam in May of 2006. I passed the highest level of testing by teaching dressage lessons on video and taking 3 written exams. The video exams were watched by 6 different judges from all over the USA. Over the past ten years, I have worked and trained with many successful people in the horse business in New York, Florida, California, Australia, Germany, England and The Netherlands. My experience ranges from farm- and breeding manager to dressage judge, trainer and instructor.

USDF Regional Championships

I have showed several horses in 2004 and 2005, ranging from Training level to Second level, placing well into the high 60’s.

I believe in solid bio mechanics in a rider and therefore I encourage lunge seat lessons with my students. Doing balancing exercises and working on a correct body position of the student are crucial components of creating harmony between horse and rider. Working your horse in different frames, using bending and flexion as a training tool, will improve your horse’s suppleness through the body. When you keep rhythm, impulsion and engagement a priority at all times, your road to success has been paved.


Heather Ots and Eloise
Heather Ots and Eloise
(owned by Yvonne Berkhout)

Memorable accomplishments are not just my own but also my students. I took one of my junior riders to the USDF Regional Championships in 2005 in Ohio. She placed 5th in the Junior Riders Finals in Training level with 65%.

Performing at Fairs and exhibitions is one of my favorite things to do; There is nothing like showing off your horse to music and in costume with an excited crowd. I have showed side saddle and breed demonstrations.

Side Saddle


You may have seen me with Neapolitano Delana, a.k.a. Zeus, in our musical freestyle.